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Colourful Life, Colourful Soul [2019]

The full album is now available of Seth Escalante's 2019 album 'Colourful Life, Colourful Soul' Home recorded in his home studio, this album features the Classical Guitar and its diversity into multiple genres of music including Classical Music, Calypso Muisic and Soca Music.

1. Flight

2. Warm

3. A Hopeful Morning

4. Dreams in the Theatre

5. Just Maybe

6. Grace

7. Carenage [Acoustic]

8. Everytime Ah Pass

9. Everytime Ah Pass [Reprise] - featuring Nicole Wong Chong

10. Johnny Grotto

11. Soca in G Minor

12. Carenage

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My 2020 EP for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2020. 6 pieces of Classical Guitar music and the fusion of Clasical Music with Calypso and Soca Music. 

1. Johnny Grotto 
2. Everytime Ah Pass
3. Dark Roast Blend 
4. Parlour Shop Run 
5. Soca in G Minor

6. Everytime Ah Pass [Reprise ft. Nicole Wong Chong]