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an introduction to guitar!

This free course is for the absolute beginner to get a good foundation in learning the guitar to be able to play various genres of music. This course includes videos, materials and exercises.

The Guitar is a beautiful instrument to learn, I hope this free course helps you to achieve your goals!

We're going to be starting from ground zero, so let's get started!

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Course Modules

INTRODUCTION: Starting to Learn the Guitar

LESSON 1: Holding the Guitar

LESSON 2: Using the Right Hand and Left Hand on the Guitar

LESSON 3: Reading Tabs

LESSON 4: Playing Your First Song

LESSON 5: Reading Chord Charts, The E minor Chord

LESSON 6: The 10 Open Chords

LESSON 7: Strumming Your First Song

LESSON 8: The 12 notes of Western Music

LESSON 9: Barchords (part 1)

LESSON 10: Barchords (part 2)

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