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Mathematics Tutoring Services

Services in professional tutoring

All packages include the following:

Holistic Education Approach 

 Math will be taught in real-life application and practical use. Several of the following fields will be integrated into classes to create a relatable learning environment as well as a holistic education.

  - specialized academic tutoring 

  - life skills education  

  - music education 

  - physical education  

  - agriculture  

  - food and nutrition  


Blended Learning Approach

  - utilization of physical and virtual resources  

      * physical resources include items such as worksheets, books, handouts, visual and audio devices (screen monitor and speaker), practice tests and special events such as field trips/ site visits. 

      * virtual resources include items such as apps, LMS software, virtual meetings, and personalized videos. 

  - Access and utilization of Escalante Academy's in-house LMS (Learning Management system) 

Blended Learning Styles Methodology

  - The use of various learning styles will be applied and studied to decide the best lear


Taught Studying 

Students will learn how to study. Students will learn the various systems and methodologies of studying and learn their best style while still understanding the importance of all styles.  

Please see the following math tutoring packages being offered below: 


Math Plan 1 



$400 TTD per month 

Class Frequency  

2 classes a week 

  • One 1 hour and 15 minutes class (one-on-one) 

  • One 1 hour Virtual class (supervised homework/ worksheet practice)

One week Consultation 

The consultation entails discussions with students and parents. It is also when I go through the student's previous notes, assignments and report cards to develop a well-rounded curriculum personalized for the student. 

Flexible scheduling  

  - Scheduling can be done from 6am to 9pm

 - Scheduling can also be done outside traditional hours for activities based on availability  

  - Scheduling can also be adjusted to accommodate for special events or emergencies based on the teacher's availability  


Flexible location 

Lessons can be at your residence or even catered to the student's lifestyle and extracurricular activities. 

Math Plan 2 



$200 TTD per month 

Class Frequency:  

 2 classes a week 

  • One 1 hour Face-to-Face class

  • One 1 hour Virtual class (supervised homework/ worksheet practice)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is tutoring the student?

I am. Read my entire bio HERE

Why do I tutor?

I have been a professional in the field of education for over fifteen years; within these fifteen years, I have seen the downfalls of various methodologies and philosophies of education. The education that I have been taught and have researched regarding the advancement of the field of education is seldom used or implemented in a correct manner. The dynamics of pedagogy have drastically changed because of digital technology in education which was fast-tracked in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Growing up in a home where both my parents were not just educators of tertiary education, they were very much invested in their students' progress; when I became an educator, one of the main goals of my career became to benefit students with up-to-date interactive methodologies of education. Being a private tutor has given me the opportunity to benefit my students based on my continuous research of education.

How long have I been teaching?

I have taught for over ten years at tertiary, secondary and primary educational levels. Presently I lecture music and classical guitar at the University of the Southern Caribbean and I am also a coordinator for two music programmes under the Ministry of Education.

Do you tutor by house calls?

Depending on your location in consideration to my commute and availability, yes. Otherwise, classes are held in POS.

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