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My published books for music education and the classical guitar

A 2017 Collection of Pieces from Seth Escalante
2nd Edition 2018

This book contains 52 original compositions for Classical Guitar and has a brief description and information of each piece and their categorization. Great for well-varied recitals, being a part of a solid repertoire, pleasant and beautiful pieces for beginner, intermediate and even advanced guitarists.

$10.00 US

Pieces for the Beginner Guitarist
3rd Edition 2018

A book with many introductory pieces for the guitar organized in 4 levels of increasing difficulty. It has many well - known traditional classical songs and a few original compositions from Seth Escalante... Great for adults and children, beginner to intermediate guitarists.

$10.00 US

Technical Work for the Guitar
2nd Edition 2018

This book is a categorization of worksheets and chord charts that I made for my students from when I started to teach guitar. There are three main categories; Worksheets, Chords and Scales. These worksheets will set the foundation for anyone pursuing to learn the guitar. - FREE for all students in The Holistic Academy

$10.00 US

Simple Traditional Christmas Songs for the Guitar
4th Edition 2019

Simple tradition songs transcribed for the classical guitar. whether you are accompanying a singer or playing solo, a great book to have for the christmas holidays



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