My Published Books

On this page, most of my published books can be previewed, downloaded or bought.

Simple Traditional Christmas Songs for the Guitar,

3rd Edition 2018

These are some simple Traditional Christmas songs that I transcribed for the guitar. They are very easy to sight read and are great to play for your family and friends at Christmas time.  Every piece is scored both with tabs and without tabs for teaching and learning purposes. Have fun playing them!

Pieces for the Beginner Guitarist,

3rd Edition 2018

A book with many introductory pieces for the guitar organized in 4 levels of increasing difficulty. It has many well - known traditional classical songs and a few original compositions from Seth Escalante... Great for adults and children!


This book contains 39 original compositions for 21st Century Classical Guitar and has a brief description and information of each piece and their categorization. Great for well-varied recitals, being a part of a solid repertoire, pleasant and beautiful pieces for beginner, intermediate and even advanced guitarists.

A 2017 Collection of Pieces from Seth Escalante

2nd Edition 2018

Technical Work for the Guitar

2nd Edition 2018

This book is a categorization of worksheets and chord charts that I made for my students from when I started to teach guitar until now (11th March 2018). There are three main categories; Worksheets, Chords and Scales. From being a professional guitarist and a guitar and music teacher, I believe that these worksheets will set the foundation for anyone pursuing to learn the guitar. This is not an independent self-learning book. This book is ideal for teachers, students and those who are learning by themselves. I hope you find these learning and teaching materials very useful to your pursuit of learning the guitar!


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