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Bio Summary:

Seth Escalante is a passionate and dedicated educator with over 15 years of teaching/ lecturing experience from primary to tertiary level education. His ongoing work and research in education have led him to incorporate up-to-date teaching methodology and pedagogy in his teaching styles. He is currently a PhD student in the field of Education. Seth is also a strong advocate of music education as part of a holistic education being a professional Classical Guitarist and musical performer himself; as he performed on the top stages of his home country; Trinidad and Tobago. He is the owner and director of Escalante Academy which is an educational institution that only takes a small number of students that recieve a personalized approach to education.



Seth Escalante is an educator from Trinidad and Tobago and the director of Escalante Academy.

Seth is currently the Classical Guitar Lecturer at the University of the Southern Caribbean {USC] for the past 11 years.

Teaching tertiary, secondary and primary curricula for over 15 years, Seth has developed a style of teaching where he is able to target at-risk students using music to enhance their overall educational development. He frequently uses music education not just as a means of achieving a holistic education, but as a subject to teach cross-curriculum, especially in mathematics, emotional development as well as positive reinforcement for students with intellectual disabilities. 

Seth served under the Ministry of Education for Trinidad and Tobago as coordinator and project lead for several schools nationwide. During his time at the Ministry, he provided digital training for teachers to utilize digital resources in the classroom and workplace.

As director of Escalante Academy, Seth provides free lessons and teaching content for primary, secondary and tertiary education levels in Mathematics and Music.  He provides both face-to-face and virtual learning for students.

Seth completed his MBA in Digital Technology Management from the University of Bedfordshire, his Bachelor’s degree in Performance: Guitar in 2018 (Cum Laude) at The College of Science Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) and his Associate Degree in Performing Arts: Guitar (with honours). He also earned the Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) with distinction from Trinity Guildhall School of Music in London 2012. Seth believes in lifelong academic learning and continues to further his education in a broad spectrum of certificate courses and diplomas that he enrolls in throughout the year including certificates from Harvard and Stanford University.

Seth is also a private professional tutor since 2018. As a professional tutor, he incorporates up-to-date peer-reviewed methodologies in education and uses a heavily interactive curriculum for his students.

As a musical performer, Seth achieved first place titles in all 3 Classical Guitar solo categories in Trinidad and Tobago's National Music Festival 2012. Since then, his arrangements and compositions have received first-place titles performed by his student ensembles and individual students. ​Seth performs in many of Trinidad and Tobago's stages and events such as Queen's Hall, NAPA, SAPA, HYATT, as well as a musician in the ArchBishops's Chapel Music Team. To date, he has released two solo guitar albums, and one solo EP and has written over 70 classical compositions for the Classical Guitar all registered with COTT (The Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago).


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