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What is Escalante Academy?


Escalante Academy is an educational institution based in Trinidad and Tobago as well as a virtual academy. We (Escalante Academy) offer an intimate and holistic educational experience. This experience is achieved using a number of factors, some of the key factors include
- our individual classes
- our limit of students that can be enrolled

- personalized resources for each student


Escalante Academy approaches education as an intimate and holistic experience. We serve each student individually, catering to their unique learning style and goals. We strive to positively influence each student into a beneficial lifestyle of continuing education. Our continuous course of action in the education industry is to improve the publicity of the benefits of a truly holistic education and the immense contribution to a happier and more knowledgeable lifestyle.


To become a premier academy for an intimate educational experience. Our institution will benefit the local communities with internationally recognized standards of education. To uphold a high level of international recognition of the issuing of certification from Escalante Academy. To build and uphold an international and national reputation for an intimate and effective methodology of a holistic education. We will benefit the local education industry at all levels; Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education with up-to-date researched pedagogy and efficient management of students and teachers.

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