“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education..”

― Plato  

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

and a more holistic education 

Learn how music can benefit the many

aspects of your life such as mental

health and creating healthier habits.

About Seth Escalante

A passionate educator with a strong background in IT and a professional Classical Guitarist. Seth believes that a truly holistic education is vital for a person's self - development and lifestyle decisions. He currently works in the Ministry of Education as a District Music Coordinator, a part time lecturer in the University of the Southern Caribbean, the director of his personal project, The Escalante Academy and the Digital Technology Manager of Kariri Publishing House.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Seth is a lifelong learner who believes in continuous education. He is a small scale farmer and an amateur marathon runner. 


Learn The Classical Guitar

Learn the Classical Guitar with Seth Escalante via his free online resources: video lessons, practice classes, e - books and more.

The Escalante Academy

An academy that focuses on the holistic development of students through a broad curriculum with the inclusion of extra curriculum activities within the overall program.