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What is Yoga Music?

Updated: 24 April 2019

What is Yoga Music?


You go to yoga class because you’ve heard so much about the healing powers of yoga, or all your friends and famous celebrities are doing it so you want to know what’s it about so you go a few classes. Whatever the reason, you find yourself inside a Yoga Studio practicing yoga and despite the reason, you feel good! You feel peaceful and calm. Everything is very relaxing… even the music!


What type of music is this?


Is there a certain type of music made specifically for yoga? Well… Yes and No ​ Firstly, let us look at a short definition of yoga.

"Yoga: A practice that is thousands of years old from India. Its purpose is to achieve health, happiness, peace and harmony within the mind, body and soul."


Music used in Yoga (Yoga music) should be music that relaxes you, music that makes your feel peaceful. Hence, Classical Music is used very often in Yoga. So a simple answer: There isn’t a genre of music that is made specifically for yoga; ‘yoga music’. But! Music can be made to be appropriate for yoga. For example, someone can create a piece of classical music that sounds very peaceful and calming. ​ Popular sounds you will hear in music during yoga class comes from a singing bowl, a rain stick, a classical guitar, a harp, a bamboo flute, a synthesizer, a piano, strings, a triangle, chimes and bells, among others.

The 432hz difference


This is a popular theory. It is very interesting so please do read more on it if it appeals to you! Regular music is played (from your radio, performed live, recorded in studio, etc.) at a frequency of 440. Some believe that if music is played at 432, it is more beneficial to you and the music is much more in tune with the natural order of our earth giving it the name ‘the heartbeat of our planet’. Music at 432 hz is said to have healing properties. There’s a lot of research toward 432 hz including history, music therapy, science, architecture and spirituality just to name a few. Given all the information on 432 hz music, a lot of the music used in yoga can be at 432 hz as yoga is used for peace and healing.


Bowspring Yoga

Bowspring is a revolutionary and mindful practice promoting healthy curves in the spine and encourages an ease of movement and agility.” ​ This is one my favorite practices. Why? Could be a number of factors.

(1) It is truly peaceful and makes you so aware of your own body, as though there was strength you didn’t know you could unlock so easily (2) I had a great first impression/ first class

(3) I have a great Bowspring Instructor

(4) My girlfriend loves to do it (and it bring me joy to support her and do things together with her)


Bowspring Yoga has really affected my life in a very positive way in and out of class. ​ For amazing instructors and really amazing classes with results! I fully recommend starting your practice with Akasha Studio. If you don’t live Trinidad and Tobago… I hope they do online classes! If not, you should definitely try yoga and Bowspring yoga. HEADS UP FOR MEN, it may be a little lonely. Most of the times I’m the only guy in the class. Once in a blue moon, I will see just one other guy. I’m not sure why more guys don’t go yoga, everyone deserves the experience! ​

Here are some websites that you can read more on the following topics ​


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